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fair, balanced and unafraid. . >> sean: the failed terror attack on northwest airlines flight 253 has reminded america that soaring rhetoric and words are not enough to keep this country safe. despite sweeping changes made after 9/11 to the u.s. intelligence community and airline security, serious flaws still exist. yesterday afternoon many americans paused to hear how the president plans to address potentially deadly vulnerabilities. >> we are at war. we are at war al-qaeda. a far reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9/11, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people than is plotting to strike again. we will do whatever it takes to defeat them. >> sean: all of that reads well off a teleprompter but will words translate into
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action? when the president laid out his plan yesterday, he did not fire anybody. he didn't call for new agency or reorganization. he didn't offer up any new legislation. he didn't announce any military action nor did he signal a shift in u.s. foreign policy. that same official believes the president is making changes to an -- to a system he doesn't necessarily find broken. is he taking the right approach or should he be making more definitive moves to safeguard you, your family and this country? i'm joined from washington by the nation's first secretary of homeland security, former pennsylvania governor tom ridge. welcome back. >> nice to be back. >> sean: maybe this is progress. he acknowledges finally there's a war on terror. is that progress? >> i listened carefully and read it again. we are at war. we are at war against al-qaeda. i think that's a long way from saying this was an isolated extremist act, which is
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something that he said a week ago. it is morning that we mine americans no better person in the world to do it and no more important person in the world to do it, than the president this is not an isolated incident that al-qaeda is recruiting on a day-to-day basis individuals to recruit, train, proselytize and send out to the person world to the united states to do harm. it is huge progress. those are important words. >> sean: janet napolitano said the system works. every single time there's an incident, mr. secretary, every single time, we hear, i don't care if it is fort hood this airline attack, we keep hearing almost immediately, this is not terror-related. why are they say quick to calm the waters and the fears of the american people instead of saying we don't know whether it was terror related? >> that would be my preference. it is difficult to suggest that the fort attack was not
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terror-related. i don't know major was given guidance orders or took inspiration from the cleric but to suggest it was a criminal act defies what i think most americans -- doesn't pass the sniff test, most americans understand that >> sean: two have spoken out, one democrat, one republican. lee hamilton, democrat he says what he thinks is pervasive throughout the country, complacency, inertia, business as usual attitude, he thinks it is harmful and he thinks the president has a major share of blame. do you agree the president himself, is to blame in a lot of this? >> well, i think there's a lot of political theater going on. i think trying to point individual fingers and blame people on either side of the aisle. both parties have used the politics of terrorism to gain advantage. where i think the president has erred in the past but
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hopefully will remain visibility and public reminder that the threat is real -- one interesting thing about his report, i was there october 8th, 2001 none of the infrastructure presently in place existed before president bush. national counter terrorism center, patriot act. making the fbi the point in our counter terrorism effort. so he built, the bush administration built the infrastructure. the infrastructure didn't fail us over the past couple of weeks or months it is people who have used it. they failed to use their judgment, their common sense. i think the president needs to remind them it is their job to be on the edge of their seat, we are at war against al-qaeda, not occasional, it day-to-day. saupbl sean what i think is on the minds of -- >> sean: what i think is on the mines of many americans is the president up to the job of homeland security? former navy secretary he said,
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obama the president, doesn't get it. i don't think he has a clue. he said the president has ignored the 9/11 commission report. he said the president continues to totally ignore one of the important thrusts of the 9/11 recommendations. he said that obama has taken a lawyer-like politically correct approach to national security issues like terror watch lists and no-fly lists. is he right? is this president up to this job? >> frankly, i think both parties -- i think there's things that the 9/11 commission recommended -- remember when the report came out that should have been a higher priority in the previous administration. what i'm hopeful is that this avoided disaster, god forbid this would have happened and somebody would have called it a manmade incident. having avoided this terrorist disaster which it could have been, it has sharpened the focus got the president's attention and he stays on top of this for the balance of his administration.
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>> sean: this broke late this afternoon. i think it is an indicator -- we have a president who has given miranda rights to terrorists. khalid sheikh mohammed -- >> which is wrong. >> sean: let me read from the ap, i think this is part of the consequences of the president's decisions. the ap said, points out that a federal judge has tossed out most of the government's evidence against a terrorism detainee on the grounds that his confessions were coerced allegedly by u.s. forces before he became a prisoner at guantanamo bay. is this an indicator of things to come that all the evidence that we acquired if we didn't give miranda rights now that evidence is tossed out? >> i hope not. i think most -- one thing to have a citizen be given the entire protection of our constitution no matter how evil or bad. the enemy noncombat tans entitled to due process.
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you have a right to be heard before a military tribunal. it is like criminalizing the detroit terrorist, that made no sense. he's not a citizen. engaged in a terrorist act. in the six counts i don't think they charged him -- there's a terrorist count. >> sean: should janet napolitano had been fired? should anybody had been fired? >> the fact she made that statement that everybody ran away from after she made it, when you look at the president's report from john brennan it is exculpatory when it comes to dhs. secretary chertoff will tell you the same thing you can only operate on information you get. the fact that the cia didn't do anything. the fact that the state department didn't pull the visa, multi-entry visa should have been pulled as soon as the dad walked in the door. the fact they didn't put this
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individual on the no-fly list immediately those are done outside the department. >> sean: these terrorists come from wealthy backgrounds and families for example osama bin laden son of a billionaire construction guy in saudi arabia. atta son of wealthy egypt doctor. this kid comes from a wealthy background. hillary clinton said we cannot stop terrorism or defeat ideologues of violent extremism when hundreds of millions of people see a future with no jobs, no hope, no way to catch up to the developed world. so we're responsible? poverty is responsible for extremism? >> i've never bought into that theory. if you look in the background of the individuals apprehended don't forget the veries in great britain this reason detroit terrorist, major hasan, that doesn't fit. it is an ideological war some have embraced it. they may be rich, poor, but
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poverty isn't driving it. >> sean: is america less safe because barack obama is our president? >> no. listen one of the things we have to remind ourselves to continue president bush's policy in iraq, more troops in afghanistan. where the president, i think needs to reassert his leadership, is after math of this incident to make sure that people are as vigilant today, tomorrow and for all times in the future as they would have been on september 12th, 2001. there's a lot of complacency. time has eroded that sense of mission. it is the president's job to get people back oriented around it. >> sean: i general disagree with you, but i do appreciate your views. much more in this hour of hannity. here's a sneak peek. >> good talking to you. >> for the sake of our jobs, will you tell down from your post? >> i don't think she should have been fired, i thought she
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should never had been hired. >> i agree with almost nothing with what you said. >> what about your role in the aig bailout? >> i -- >> sean: only in san francisco a city supervisor vows to drop the "f" bomb at every meeting. >> helen thomas wants to know why the terrorists hate us. >> put away hats and gloves global warming will be here, any day now.ís
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>> sean: president obama gave no specifics yesterday about what enhanced screening methods airlines are going to use going forward. 1% of those surveyed believe full -- 71% of those surveyed believe full body scanners should be used at all airports. 59% think profiling should be used to identify potential threats. only 26% say profiling should
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not be used.qlú ñ2x
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. >> sean: looks like there is more trouble on the horizon for the democratic party. the "new york times" reporting that democrats are scrambling in massachusetts thanks to the emergence of a dynamic republican candidate in that state and the man responsible for the gop's high hopes state senator scott brown joins me from the people's republic of massachusetts. thanks for being here. >> i'm happy to be here, thank you very much. >> sean: a few facts on the ground. this election is january 19th. a week from this tuesday, correct? >> that's correct. >> sean: you were down by 30 points and i read that you are now one single digits and closing, correct? >> yes, that's what we hear. we are hearing that throughout the state that everybody is dissatisfied with the way things are going not only in massachusetts, but in washington.
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we can do better. >> sean: republicans, by the way for those who might think, yes republicans could win in massachusetts, mit romney was governor there so it is not that unusual. you've gotten the attention of they even recognize this match is one the margin ofer error. the a republican victory there would be a catastrophe, democrats would lose their 60th vote in the senate. what does that mean for you? >> well to have outside groups try to influence or buy the election is bad for massachusetts but for the country. we've asked all outside groups to stay away and let martha cokely and i debate she wants 2.1 trillion of extra taxation in favor of constitutional rights to enemy combat tans and have us pay for the
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representation of them. instead of being a patriot she is a lawyer. it is wrong for the country and the safety of our kids and our families. there's so many differences. when calls me a right wing extremist. i've been called a lot of things but my wife and two daughters will chuckle at that one. >> sean: glad you have a sense of humor. your election would end the filibuster that the democrats have. where do you stand on health care? >> we have 98% of the people ensured we are going to cut medicare and cut for military people and have a trillion plus to pay for it and we are going to subsidize where other -- what other states have failed. i would stop it and i would ask for them to go back to the drawing board. everyone is entitled to some form of insurance. why do we need a one size fits all? >> sean: what is the latest? everything i'm reading about your race.
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you have challenged your 0 -- opponent martha cokely to a one-on-one debate. is she willing to debate you? >> i did a small debate today we have one monday she will meet with president ahmadinejad one-on-one but won't meet with me one-on-one. the people are fed up with the way things are going they can go to brown for the and stop the business as usual not only in massachusetts but more importantly nationally and give me a chance to bring common sense back to washington solve problems be an independent voice and vote for the things not only affecting our state but the country. >> sean: there's a huge controversy surrounding her and i wanted to know if you were going to get involved. boston globe criticized cokely for her lacked treatment the 2005 case involving a police officer and a 23-month-old
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niece of his, who had been raped with a hot object, most likely of all things a curling iron and her handling of that case. are you critical of her for that? >> this race is about differences between us. we are both public figures we both have records i've scene over 6,000 votes as being an assessor, 30 year in the military still serving, we both have things people can praise and criticize. i think those things speak for themselves. this race is about taxes, terrorism and health care. she is a nice woman but wrong on all issues. >> sean: you don't think that should be brought up? >> you just brought it up. so i don't need to now, thank you. >> sean: okay. it is my job, all right. i thought you were the candidate. >> it is everybody's job. there's a lot happening on the periphery here. the things that people are most concerned the fact that we have a 12 trillion national debt and counting out of
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control spending no balance, no fairness, no good government in washington by sending me down there the democrats are going to have to ask me for my vote to stop debate, republicans have to earn my vote to continue on with debate i'm not going to be a rubber stamp like she will answering to harry reid, nancy pelosi, the president, they will do whatever they are told. i haven't and i've been an independent voter and thinker forever that's why people respect me in the last race, had more votes than kerry and -- and obama in all of my towns. >> sean: somebody asked me how i identify myself politically i would say i'm a regan conservative. how would you answer that question? how do you identify yourself politically? >> as a scott brown republican. i've always been my own person that's why i have gotten to where i am. i believe in fiscal responsibility and making sure we live one our means.
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>> sean: are you social local --ly liberal? >> get our fiscal house in order so we don't become economic dependent on china and russia and put us at a extra see -- strategic disadvantage. i'm going to be the person i've always been and look at each bill and make a good logical decision and represent the people of my state and make sure the interests of the united states are taken care of, especially in terrorism, policy and our fiscal mess we are in now. i'm excited to do that if people want to send a thunder clap around the country, learn more about me, get involved and let's have some fun. >> sean: if you win this race it will be a political earthquake. if you were to grade barack obama what grade would you give him? >> he needs work to do. we was too slow reacting in the recent terrorist bombing. i'm glad he's talking about it. we need to solve that t r the safety of our kids and our families.
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>> sean: a, b, c,? >> i'm not going to give him a grade. i him to keep us safe we are in serious trouble al-qaeda is trying to hurt us and our kids. >> sean: scott brown we appreciate it, tight race we'll continue to follow it. >> coming up turbo tax cheat tim geithner back in the hot seat. newly discovered e-mails that could cause the treasury secretary's job. >> video of the official who vowed to drop the "f" word in every board meeting inún
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. >> sean: tonight in hannity's america you may be surprised to learn that one of the nation's top intelligence
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officials doesn't know the flight number of the plane targeted on christmas day. in a memo released yesterday the director of national intelligence dennis blair wrote the terrorist boarded northwest airlines flight 153 for detroit but the number was 253. josh reports that blair later corrected the memo not before it was sent to reporters. done you feel safe with this guy and leon panetta both being in charge of the intelligence community? >> tomorrow a not so happy anniversary for christina roamer claiming if the obama stimulus plan was implemented unemployment would remain below 8%. as know too well that is not how things turned out. earlier today the department of labor delivered more bad news on-the-job front in december alone 85,000 more americans lost their jobs. which is far more than economists expected. the unemployment rate remains
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in double digits. what did the 787 billion dollar spending spree accomplish? besides bankrupting your kids? we are waiting for an answer, mr. president. calls torture bow tax cheat tim geithner's resignation heating up thanks to new e-mails regarding his role in the bailout of aig. e-mails written by the federal reserve bank of new york while er in was president there isa believers the e-mails could prove during the bailout government officials encouraged aig to withhold vital information from you and the american people. issa and grassley are preparing to investigate these very serious allegations. a treasury spokesman claims geithner played no role in the e-mails because he already recused himself after being nominated to serve in the administration. i think i would like to hear
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that from the tax cheat himself, while under oath. this next story is one that could only happen in the city of san francisco. take a look at city supervisor known for frequently using inappropriate language at public meetings. a bay area newspaper called him out on his vile vocabulary. instead of cleaning up his act he announced this resolution for the new year. >> i'm vowing in 2009 i will the word [ bleep ] in every supervisor's meeting my apologies to those who take umbrage. >> sean: there's a great role model for all the young people of san francisco. mr. daily, maybe it is time for now grow up. that is the news from hannity's america. coming up "time" magazine named the top elvis impersonators of all time. you won't believe who made the list. he has been on the show
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>> sean: in honor of what would have been his 75th birthday "time" magazine has named the 10 best elvis impersonators of all time. look at who number two is on the list. believe it or not the only guy keeping blago from the top sp
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. >> sean: louisiana purchase, cornhusker kickback and other backroom deals have kettle kept the democrats health care bill alive. the texas ambassador bridge greg abbott has isn't a letter to kay bailey-hutchison and john cornyn outlining his concerns it appears that letter may have caught the attention of senator nelson now lobbying to have all states receive the same sweetheart deal he was able to acquire for nebraska. joining me the man behind that letter the texas air quality greg abbott. this letter -- texas attorney general, greg abbott. thank you for being us. >> thank you my pleasure . >> sean: you say this serves no legitimate national interest. explain that for people watching? >> in order for a law to be effective passed by congress
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it has to have a legitimate national interest. congress doesn't have unfettered authority to enact any law whatsoever that benefits a particular locality such as a single state like nebraska. congress has the authority to pass laws that benefit all americans. what they did with regard to the nebraska compromise was to pass a bill that benefits only the taxpayers in nebraska. it gets worse, because all states are going to be required, by this new legislation to expand their medicaid system by billions of dollars in texas alone, we'll have to increase our spending by about 20 billion dollars. here's the kicker, only nebraskans will not have to pay more for this expansion to to make it worse the citizens of the other 49 states are gonna be obligated to foot the bill for the expansion of the medicaid system in nebraska. >> sean: you use particularly harsh language, which i agree
5:33 am
with. you call it uniquely contempt able and a corrupt bargain. you say basically this was added to purchase the vote of a single senator. you're an attorney general, your a lawyer, i'm not. that sounds to me that is almost criminal, is it? >> well, it is the worst-case of vote buying that i've ever witnessed and i've never seen anyone say they've seen a worst-case of the vote buying. we are not here to engage in allegations about the vote buying being illegal unto itself we believe this vote being the 60th vote that allowed the passage of the health care package out of the senate benefited only nebraska and only the citizens of nebraska, to the detriment of citizens across the other 49 states. we believe that makes it unconstitutional. >> sean: i agree. can i push a little bit. is there a potential criminal statute that you can think of
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that should be investigated? is that a fair way to put it? >> well, if there were a statute that were violate vote-buying it likely would be a federal statute. that is something that i'm not involved in prosecuting as a state attorney general. as a result, i haven't looked into it. at a minimum i can tell you americans across the country are outraged about this. if it is not in violation of the law, it still stinks worse than any act we've ever seen come out of congress. >> sean: you say this in the letter. i want to use some of the strong language you used. nothing more than a pure political payoff you say transfer of wealth from one state from the 49 states. then you said, it basically the basic principles of fairness and equality violates the fundamental principles of nondiscrimination in the united states constitution. you're -- for all of us that don't want this health care
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bill to pass, assuming it passes and they seem well on their way to passing it. there might be a legitimate, legal challenge that could stop this bill, is that fair? >> that is fair. let me tell you, at least two reasons. let me first tell you the reason why i say at least two reasons is because, this bill was passed with great secrecy what is going on in the conference committee now is secret. we won't know until months to come about all the details and the other potential constitutional challenges that could be raised. two initially is, one concerning the nebraska compromise. the other that we haven't mentioned yet, this would go to the heart of this health care legislation, that is, we believe the health care package violates the commerce clause. what congress is doing, understanding this is an unprecedented requirement to have the individual mandate, which requires every american
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to purchase health care insurance. the congressional budget office has previously said, never before has congress put a mandate on americans to purchase anything, merely as a result of being a resident lawfully in this country. that is what this bill does in an unprecedented fashion. congress recognizing the difficulty they are having with regard to the constitutionality of this bill. put into the legislation their belief this complies with the commerce clause. we believe that the constitution requires congress to have a ground to pass this. it doesn't satisfy the commerce clause and as a result it should be stricken down as unconstitutional. >> sean: you layout a great case. i don't know if there is a place people can go to read this. you talk about the commerce clause you mentioned the 10th amendment. you point out as it relates to the individual mandate of this bill, this would establish a
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federal government mandate that has never before in the history of this country been imposed on the american people. can you expand on that part? >> yes, the individual mandate, mandates every american to purchase this insurance. congress doesn't have unlimited authority to force americans to buy anything. this would be the first time that has ever happened. let's put this into some context. imagine if you would, congress asserted the authority to require all americans to purchase insurance for their automobiles. we're not talking about just americans who drive, who own a car, but all americans whether you drive or own a car or not, have to purchase automobile insurance to better spread out the cost of insurance for everyone who has to buy auto insurance. that is what congress has done here, if this piece of legislation is upheld it will expand the commerce clause far
5:38 am
beyond where the supreme court has set that boundary. >> sean: mr. attorney general fascinating letter. hard hitting, to the point and frankly i think you've got a very legitimate case to win in the courts if you get judges that believe in the constitution. thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> sean: time to check in. there she is greta van susteren. she has some trick up her sleeve. when she goes on the error. >> greta: can i tell you, what great timing we have on the record. governor mitt romney on the night a giant poll comes out i'm sure he is going to be interested in. right after you had the candidate for the senate race in massachusetts, we now have the former governor of massachusetts this is a perfect night. governor mitt romney is going to be on our show. plus so much more. did you see geraldo's beard?
5:39 am
what did you think? >> sean: i saw frank luntz 'beard. one other thing, this race is important, because that's one lessen for, if the republicans win statewide office in massachusetts that means potentially, health care guess away if in go into conference. >> greta: unless the democrats can get that vote before january 19th, before the contest and the swearing in. >> sean: they better. see you in 21 minutes from now. the great, great, great american panel, next. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel senior writer stephen hayes is back. former vicer to the soon to be former majority leader harry reid. former communications director for governor rendell penny lee is back. he has served as u.s. ambassador and rnc chair jim nicholson is back. helen thomas wants to know what the terrorists' motivations are. roll tape. >> what is really lacking always for us, you don't give the motivation of why they
5:43 am
want to do us harm? what is the motivation? you never hear --. >> al-qaeda is an organization that is dedicated to murder and slaughter of innocence. >> you're saying it is because of religion? >> i'm saying it is because of an al-qaeda organization that uses the banner of religion in a perverse and corrupt way. >> sean: hillary suggested poverty is the reason for terrorism is that that hard for helen to figure out? the administration's war on terror they don't seem to get it. >> where has helen thomas been the past eight years. you can go back to bin laden what he laid it out clearly. they seem to give us periodic updates telling us why they want to do what they want to do. it is surprising someone in her position doesn't get it. >> i think -- i princed my
5:44 am
credentials to the pope two days after 9/11, the first thing we said was say a prayer for the victims and their families. the next thing that the pope said ambassador nicholson we have to stop these people who kill in the name of god that's what they are doing. that's the difficulty. they think they are ennobling themselves in the eyes of god by doing this. that's the real challenge. >> sean: this is the point the president up until yesterday maybe one time prior wouldn't use the term war on terror. wait a minute, he would not use the term penny. >> he used the term in august of 2007. he said we have a war on terror on our hands. when he took office, he said we are at war. he said it in oslo, he said it again the other day. and he's putting in place things we need to do. one of the first steps was to increase the amount of troops we had in afghanistan because he understands the war we need to fight is in afghanistan.
5:45 am
>> you know why you can point out the dates because he has done it so infrequently. he doesn't say it consistently. >> he has put more droned attacks into afghanistan than all of bush combined. >> sean: we a hawk in the white house, not even you believe that he's not a hawk. wait a minute, he thinks america is arrogant, he thinks america has caused some of this. he thinks the world sees us through a prism we have no knowledge of. >> he is trying to engage and have a different dialogue to try to involve in a multi-lateral way those nations that can help us go after -- >> change minds about us with this apologetic platform he has put there. that is not going to work. >> it has 10 us far, right stephen? >> you can look at iran as a cheap example. -- chief example. he's been giving one deadline, caving and another deadline then caving. >> you have the concessions of
5:46 am
the other world leaders to go and say, look we are going to have russia and china now engaged. >> china said four days ago, absolutely not, we are not gonna impose sanctions and we don't want to talk about it. >> this the total of his diplomatic effort for the past year on iran has been an abject failure and we lost a year in which they've had a revolution. >> draw a line in the sand and the iranians said the heck with you. not only that they are going to up the ante and more nuclear -- >> and he said he will go in and do -- he's gonna engage in diplomatic ways. >> sean: what is he going to say to the holocaust denier? >> similar to the strategy he put together in afghanistan. that's a wimp strategy? no. >> sean: i think he's night he have to the -- nigeria eve to
5:47 am
the point it is reckless you can sit down with a holocaust denying -- repeatedly saying he's going to wipe israel often map. i don't see strength in this president. >> i think that is the point. hopefully that will be one of redealing things that comes out of this incident. this young president who has never really led anything before, has to realize how important what he says and how he acts is and what he doesn't say. you're right he hardly ever mentioned were at war. he hardly ever mentioned terrorism. that permeates to that pyramid of people that work for him in the government. if they have a laissez-faire attitude it manifests itself. when this guy decided it was okay to go on a ski trip after this did happen, that to me is a perfect witness to the lack of intensity that this president has. >> sean: this is your area of study. does the world perceive our
5:48 am
president as weak? >> yeah i don't think there's any question. they like him better. i wouldn't deny that one of the things he came in was an agenda to get people to like america. they like us more. nobody is afraid of us. nobody takes our word seriously. look at what we've done with north korea, iran. we make threat after threat and don't follow through. the only result is people see you as weak and think you will never back-up your words. >> sean: so al gore, global warming hysteria alarmist? >> i'm from the state of alaska. i'm a drill baby drill. >> sean: repeat after me, president sara palin. >> i'm not going there. >> sean: apparently the coldest winter in two decades. here's thist -- by the way, look at tampa, 39, more snow in houston, san antonio 27,
5:49 am
l.a. and phoenix out there good luck. new york 11, minneapolis, only one he° -- only 1 because al franken is coming home that puts a chill. what happened to global warming? he is it a lie? >> it is not a lie. over the last years the earth is warming. in my own lifetime in alaska i've seen glaciers disappear. i've seen glaciers melt. >> sean: how often do you see glaciers over the weekend? >> they have. the earth is warming. >> sean: there's an ebb and flow totter's temperatures. in 19 2 the same thing you are saying the glaciers are gone lo and behold some of the coldest years on error is this historyia? >> certainly it is hysteria. i think it is a undeniable warming trend for a while, as you say. this is the natural cooling
5:50 am
and warming trends of the earth what matters is how long ago. >> the last 10 years has been cooler. science is not consensual. science is an examination of facts. the proponents of global warming has cast doubt over this thing by the suppression of disagreement. trying to make this consensual. this whole incident with the e-mails there used to be a political agenda for the world to be flat. there was a consent -- consensus for that >> sean: they have a political agenda it is predicated on the belief that capitalism is evil and capitalists rape and pillage for profit and this is their mechanism to accomplish that we have to take a break. we will come back. we'll continue more with our great, great american panel.)ltp
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. >> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. unemployment another 85,000 jobs lost. one year ago christina roamer said the president's chief economic adviser that unemployment wouldn't go above 8% if we passed the stimulus. here's what the ap says: when discouraged and part-time workers who would prefer fulltime jobs are included in the so-called under employment, the rate in december rose to 17.3% unemployment in this country stephen. what happened? stimulus 8%, supposed to work. >> it was supposed to work remember we rushed it through in one weekend if it wasn't there would have been economic calamity. what you are seeing is the stimulus was flawed economics.
5:55 am
it hasn't worked. the only thing that worked tell -- temporarily the cash for clunkers because it was a transfer program. the administrative costs were humongous. the soar yes, sir thing we are going to have serious discussions about a second stimulus likely to happen. >> sean: are they really going to follow up this health care bill with all the bribes and broken promises of c-span they are going to follow it up with stimulus two? >> yes. they need to be seen as doing something on jobs. you heard it all day today the key word was pivoting to the economy. that's what he is going to talk about in the state of the union. >> sean: either he's going to spend more money and all the things he said about the first stimulus is going to come back to haunt him. >> you didn't use the november numbers in which we gained jobs. that being said it is alarming. >> sean: four million jobs since he's been alarming.
5:56 am
>> we need to drive the focus, that's what was doing today -- >> sean: he said he's going to create 3 1/2 million jobs, we are down 4 million. >> do we have a long way to go. we are not losing as much. >> sean: is that what he promised? >> we have to stabilize the economy. we have a long way to go, absolutely. >> sean: you democrats will make any excuse. say this, his stimulus failed. >> no, we haven't failed. it is taking a longer time than they expected and anticipated. >> sean: did the stimulus fail? >> it has failed. never has there been so much money put out so fast but it has been misapplied and some of the fundamentals not employed. if we would loosen our trade policy, export more goods, insent sraoeuz -- incentivize
5:57 am
businesses to grow instead of being restricted we the company is down you don't beat the bys that drive the economy. >> sean: jobs come from small business. >> absolutely biggest producers. i would agree on infrastructure they should have applied that money to shovel ready projects out there to do infrastructure instead of all the pork. >> sean: isn't the point they wanted control. if they wanted to stimulate the economy they would have spent immediately as a stimulus. yet, the money, you know portioned out over so many years. going to a lot of their friends. being used to bribe senators. oh no that is not a bribe? you're saying bill nelson and mary landrieu wasn't bribe requested many >> i'm not saying she was bribed at all. >> a package went to the
5:58 am
filipino veterans. >> sean: wait a minute, they didn't buy -- they used cash for cloture. they didn't buy votes to get that cloture votes. the next time i'm accused of bribery i'm going to say the necessary investments -- that's good language. is it a bribe? >> i think it's a bribe. if they were serious what they would have cut marginal tax rates. you had roamer talk about the value of tax cuts in the past she understands what happens when you don't cut taxes i think we are seeing it now. >> sean: what is the political fall out? we see the polls. >> i think the verdict is still out. >> i agree. that's fair. probe letmatic. >> it is problematic. >> if you were looking at president's numbers as low as they are. pelosi's numbers as low as
5:59 am
they are reid about to lose -- >> it's a snapshot. >> sean: the snapshot going on for six months. the longest -- >> there's -- >> sean: if you are chairman and sees these numbers hower in russ -- now nervous are you? >> i would take stock. one of the things the president has to do is lead. the biggest part of his oath is to defend and protect the american people. he has to have that front and center everyday to keep this whole establishment, as you said on his toes everyday. >> sean: with his weakening on defense we are one attack away from him creating the biggest political landslide in our lifetime, right? >> any president faces that. that is not just -- >> sean: not after he gives miranda rights to enemy combat tans. we

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